• Dr. RIDE, is a smart bike-share services system, for everyone to take their trips within the city.
  • Dr. RIDE bike-share, reduce the traffic congestion, help to reduce environmental pollution, and healthy for users. Dr. RIDE is an eco-friendly solution for your short trip. It is as simple you can hire or return a bike on an App.
Is it safe?
  • We encourage users to look after their own safety by wearing helmets and other safety regulations while riding Dr. Ride Bikes.
How it works?
  • It is most convenient to use Dr. RIDE bike-share for short trips, as an ease of your mobility. Reserve a bike and unlock it using the Dr. RIDE App. And end of your ride, just park the bike in a legal designated area and lock it and verify end of ride using the app.
Shall I book my trip?
  • Upon reserving your bike by clicking "reserve", the bike will be reserved for 10 minutes for you.
  • You can proceed to the bike you have reserved and unlock it. Alternatively, you can unlock another one.
  • Your reservation will expire after 10 minutes.
How to find my reserved bike?
  • If you reserve a bike successfully, it will be the one shown on the map, along with the directions to find it.
  • The bike's actual location might vary from the APP, so please look around to find it.
  • You can also unlock another bike while looking for the reserved bike. If you unlock another bike is a success, your current bike reservation will be cancelled.
Shall I get charges on reservation?
  • Making a reservation is free and your bike will be reserved for 10mins. The pricing of your ride may vary according to your credit points.
  • Having higher credit points score will allow you to enjoy discounted rates on your rides.
  • To pay deposit, please enter "User center", "My wallet" then click "Pay deposit".
  • To get a refund for your deposit, which usually take 1~14 working days. Please go to "My wallet", and click the link of "refund deposit".
  • If you did not get your deposit back after 14 working days. Please report to us, and we will check and solve it as soon as possible.
  • You can refund deposit only once for free. If you refund deposit more than one times, an extra transaction fee will be deducted from deposit.
How to pay for my ride?
  • The balance in my wallet is used to pay your ride cost.
  • The balance has no expiration date. It is strictly non-transferable and refundable?